Mississippi Pizza Show

Okay, let's just start by saying tonight was an absolute blast. Not only did our incredible friends surpass our expectations by bringing themselves along with 5 friends each, but they went above and beyond in participating along with us. The whole crowd was singing! Fantastic people, absolutely fantastic. 


Thank you to everyone who was there to support us, and who continue to support us. It's been so much fun to see familiar faces out in the crowd. You are helping us on this journey and keep pushing us to become better and to keep dreaming. 

We have a video in holding being edited, another video shoot on Dec. 1st AND we're playing Portland Soundcheck III at the Aladdin Theater in January (that's our big announcement! More details on that to come soon) How awesome is that?! Things are set in motion and we're hoping it just keeps moving. 

Thanks for keeping up with us.