As the weather has changed, Harper has joined the hustle and bustle of this season and our calendar has seemed to fill up. We've been shooting videos (yes, there are many being edited as we speak!) , playing shows all over town, and have even begun to write some new material for our debut album. 

This summer was fantastic as we learned the ropes of how to book shows, set up/tear down, and make sure everyone was having fun. From weddings, to surprise backyard parties, to banquets and bars, we've seemed to span the spectrum of events and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

With the holiday season approaching, we will be filling our calendars and working on more projects and videos. There have even been talks and hopes of a mini tour. Sounds exciting, right? We sure think so! As of right now, we're really hoping to make it down to Grants Pass to play for family and friends who have yet to see us. 

We have an up and coming show that we CANNOT WAIT to release and promote (y'all won't want to miss this one, we're telling you!) Keep your eye out for the big announcement. 

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