HARPER: The Making.

We were brought together by love.

Unrequited. Failed. Love belonging to someone else.

We thought it was by chance, but the more our story unfolds and comes together, the more we see that moments have been woven into a tapestry with an intricately planned time signature. Like a song, our moments have played out like a string of notes. They've connected. And in their connecting, there became Harper.

We were brought together by a love song.


Josue had been recording a love song he had written and was in the process of laying down the track when Steve, the man producing the song, suggested female vocals. Steve knew Alyssa, so he called her and asked if she would be willing to sing along on his friend's new song. Agreeing, she made her way over and met the guys in the studio. 

Through a series of unfortunate events, the song was never finished.  So, life went on, months passed, and the two strangers continued in their rhythms like normal. However, the love song was now being hummed, sung, and danced to, playing on repeat in Alyssa's mind.

We were brought together by a love promised.

Steve and Aubrey's.

The very same Steve who introduced Alyssa and Josue in the basement studio months prior, had fallen in love. Getting down on one knee, he had asked Aubrey to be his Mrs., and now wedding bells were in the air. As the planning commenced, the happy couple both decided that live music was what they wanted at their wedding and they knew just who they would ask.


We were brought together by a love lost.


Sometimes there are breaks in a story that make you feel like the final conclusion is just around the corner. However, when you turn the page, you find a new, undiscovered chapter waiting to be delved into. It's full of uncertainty, risk, and magic. This love story didn't end in happily ever after, but by letting it go, a wind was ignited that seemed to blow all around, touching down in homes, phone calls, text messages, coffee shops, moments. It burned through layers, obstacles, barriers and set ablaze a metamorphosis. A changing of a person: desires, priorities, friendships. It opened the door for dreams to usher in and fill the imagination. 

We were brought together by a love story.

One unrequited. One failed. One belonging to someone else. 

In their connecting: HARPER